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Hip Dysplasia & Eye Guarantee
To be covered by the hip and eye guarantee, the dog must be registered in the original owner’s name and must not have been sold. The dog must not have sired or whelped a litter.
If you suspect either retinal eye or hip problems, please follow this procedure:
1) The dog’s age must be no more than 26 months old.
2) Notify us either by phone or in writing.
3) Send us copies of X-Rays and a written diagnosis from your veterinarian. These will be forwarded to my veterinarian at Lamar Vet Clinic, Paris, Texas.
4) Proof of spaying or neutering signed by a veterinarian must be sent to us.
5) The dog’s registration papers must be returned to us.
Any dog covered by this guarantee that is found to have retinal eye or hip dysplasia that has followed the above guidelines will be given a replacement puppy out of a comparable breeding at the discretion of Yellow Rose Kennel. No refunds are issued.
If you breed to a stud dog from Yellow Rose Kennel, a live litter is guaranteed. A return stud service is provided either to the original female bred OR another female owned by the same person. Another YRK stud dog can be used at the discretion of the female's owner. No refunds are issued.
No refunds are issued on any dogs. When you purchase a finished dog, we make every attempt to satisfy our buyers and to make the right match between hunter and dog. If for some reason, there is not a good match, if the dog is still exactly like it was when it was purchased, an exchange may be made for a dog of equal value. Any return of dog to kennel is the full responsibility of the new owner. All shipping expenses, whether by air or delivery to kennel, are paid by the buyer.