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 Pictured are some of our excellent dogs that are ready for hunting.
All are Elhew bred, and we're extremely proud of them.

If you want or need a started or finished dog, we have available, at most times, several out of our proven brood matrons.
Price range of started dogs is based on availability, extensiveness of training, nose and style. The average price on started dogs begins at $1750 . Since training is finished once it is begun, seldom do we have "check cord, or green broke dogs. Most dogs that I consider "started" are those that are totally broke on their game, whoa and back, handle to whistle and voice commands...and may or may not retrieve based on their natural ability to do so. I do not usually force break dogs to retrieve until their second year of hunting. Price range of finished dogs - $3000 and UP. Price is dependent on training, experience, and style.

Refresh your browser often to ensure you have the latest dogs available



Skeet is a finished dog on both liberated and wild birds.  He is broke on his birds, retrieves, and backs.  He is whoa broke, collar conditioned, and close working at 50 to 75 yards.  He has a good nose and he is a great retriever.



Ben is 2 years old.  He is broke on his birds, both wild and pen raised.  He is steady to wing and shot.  He is collar conditioned and his range is 75 to 100 yards.  He has been hunted on foot and UTV.





Mark is 2 years old.  He was hunted this past season and got in lots of bird work.  He points, backs and retrieves.  His medium


Woodrow is 3 years.  He points, backs, and retrieves.  He has limited wild bird experience.  He is a good dead bird dog and a good retriever.  His range is close to medium



Judy is 3 years old.  She is broke on her birds, backs, and retrieves.  Her range is close.